How to Play Outriders in 5 Easy Steps

Outriders is a co-op game from the developer People can Fly and publisher Square Enix.

It’s a third-person shooter role-playing game (RPG) but isn’t an open-world titleIt lets you create your customized character. There are also four different classes of characters for you to explore and match your playing style.

We’re going to quickly show you how to play Outriders so that you can enjoy it with your friends.

Can You Play Outriders Solo?

Outriders was developed to be a cooperation game between players. Although you can play Outriders alone, you may find yourself on certain world tiers without the gear needed to survive. This might make the game tricky to play alone.

Outriders will be available on Xbox One, Xbox series x/s, PS4, PS5, and computer. Outriders will also be a cross-platform game, so you will be able to play with friends on various consoles, which makes playing together easy.

How to Play Outriders

Step 1: Install the Game/ Demo

You will need to install the game or demo to play Outriders

Step 2: Open Outriders

Open the game on your console. You will be taken to the main menu.

Step 3: Choose ‘Play With Friends’ or ‘Solo’

Now choose the Play with Friends options on the right side of the screen. Or, if you prefer to play along, choose the ‘Solo’ option.

If you choose the ‘Solo’ option, you can move directly to step five as the next step is specifically for those playing with friends.

Step 4: Select Friends

If you chose the Play with Friends option, you can now select up to 2 friends to play with.

If you are all playing on the same platform, it will be easy to select them by inviting them to your game. If you are playing on various platforms, you will need to generate a game code to play together. Furthermore, if you are playing the demo, you will need to enable crossplay from the gameplay options.

Step 5: Enjoy the Game

Now, you are ready to start playing the game with your friends or solo and enjoy the imaginative world and story of Outriders.

Don’t Miss Out on This Exciting Game

Try the demo, and you will see just how good the game is. 

Similar games include Destiny 2 and The Division 2.

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